Umble Pie

“It takes a good deal of wisdom, more than most people seem to possess, to see that not one of us is good enough to help others to much goodness; to understand that we all are sinners, self-willed, stupid, blundering because we want to have our own way instead of to obey God’s immutable laws for man. Experience ought to have taught us our limitations. Again and again you and I have tried to interfere in other people’s lives, with the best possible intentions. How many times have we done any good by it? Often we have been a deal more harmful than helpful. Yet we keep on trying it, seeking to impose our benevolent compulsion for the rectifying of other people’s mistakes. No man is competent to render that sort of service, for the simple reason that no man is able to order aright even his own life. He is too ignorant. He is too weak.”

–Fr. Bernard Iddings Bell, “In the City of Confusion”.


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